CO2GeoNet at COP23

6-17 November 2017
Published time: 04 November, 2017 12:00

CO2GeoNet is contributing, in collaboration with other international organisations, to side-events and a booth at COP23

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Our role in COP23 is to provide clear and impartial scientific knowledge and to engage in discussions with negotiators and the civil society, to communicate on CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage) as a proven and safe technology, which is vital for reducing CO2 emissions and completing the climate change mitigation portfolio.

Radically reducing CO2 levels is vital to tackling climate change; in achieving the ‘well below 2°C’ climate target CCS is indispensable.

CCS is the only established measure that tackles large industrial emissions: developing CO2 transport and storage networks is a crucial piece of the climate puzzle. Bottom-up initiatives in industrial regions are needed to achieve low-carbon job creation instead of high- carbon closures.