COP22 - CCS is necessary for meeting the 2°C target

7 November 2016
Published time: 07 November, 2016 12:00

Ton Wildenborg (CO2GeoNet) and Marie Byssven (EERA-CCS) have reminded that CCUS is fully acknowledge as a key mitigation technology in the European Strategic Energy Plan.

According Mark Bonner (Global CCS Institute), at current CO2 emissions, the cumulative carbon budget (forever) for 2 °C is consumed in less than 23 years from now (2039).

Jonas Helseth (Bellona) claimed that the high renewable scenario of the EU energy 2050 roadmap anticipates 1,000 GW of wind power to be installed. This will require 100 million tonnes of steel and deeply decarbonising steel requires CO2 transport and storage infrastructure.

Tim Dixon (IEAGHG) added that the 1,5 °C target requires negative emissions until 2.100: among the various NETs (Negative Emission  Technologies), BECCS (bio energy with CCS) has a potential of 3,5-20 GtCO2/year. Several projects are underway but lots more are needed to build up confidence; moreover, policy, regulations and financial instruments for Bio-CCS need development.

Stig Svenningsen (Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy) has illustrated Norway's policy for carbon capture and storage and concluded that CCS is necessary to meet international climate targets in a cost efficient manner.

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