ENOS - a new exciting research initiative promoted by CO2GeoNet

24-27 October 2017 - annual meeting
Published time: 24 October, 2017 12:00

ENOS, another initiative of CO2GeoNet has been launched: Enabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe.

The project started officially on September 1st 2016, is financed through European Research & Development Programme Horizon 2020, has a budget of 12.5M€ and will last for 4 years.

The project draws together 29 organisations from 17 countries, and has been endorsed by the European Energy Research Alliance on Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage Joint Programme - EERA CCS JP.

ENOS will tackle the most urgent issues to enable onshore CO2 storage in Europe.

Storing CO2 onshore, relatively close to the emission points, would contribute to reducing the costs of CCS and help energy producers and other CO2 intensive industries to manage their CO2 emissions locally, thus building public confidence in CCS as a powerful mitigation option that can also contribute to local economic growth.

ENOS aims to develop CO2 storage onshore in Europe by:

  1. Developing, testing and demonstrating in the field, at pilot and experiment sites, key technologies specifically adapted to onshore applications;
  2. Integrating CO2 geological storage into the socio-economic fabric of the concerned territories by involving the local population;
  3. Contributing to the creation of a favourable environment for onshore storage across Europe through knowledge-sharing, education, and support for new pilot and demonstration CC(U)S projects.



Map showing countries in which ENOS partners are located (blue), together with

the locations of pilot sites and field laboratories (yellow)